The Lund Report has a great piece today recapping how it came to be that SB 414 and SB 814 moved through the Legislature while HB 3160 has stalled, again.  It continues to be painful to see how successfully the insurance industry has distorted the issues and the relationship between a private right of action and the regulatory oversight exercised by the Insurance Commission.  As my former colleague Jim Guse of Ball Janik points out in this piece, Washington’s bad faith law has had the entirely salutary effect of shortening the time in which claims are paid, and removing the incentive that carriers now have in Oregon to “roll the dice” on coverage litigation, exposing their small business insureds (in liability cases) to potentially disastrous consequences – including unpaid judgments, which for a contractor can mean the loss of a license.

Shields Pushes to Empower DCBS as Effort to Put Insurance Under UTPA Flounders | The Lund Report:

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