The American Bar Association’s Business Torts committee has posted an excellent article (registration, ABA membership required) on the 20 questions that a business owner should ask coverage counsel about potential coverage issues arising from business litigation.  These are the most critical, and often ignored, issues that must be considered when making decisions about coverage strategy.  Included among these are whether the insurer has the right to “recoup” defense costs that it pays if it is later determined that there is no indemnity coverage, and whether the insurer is entitled to receive attorney-client communications and what impact that might have on waiver issues.  Because the law on almost all of these issues varies state to state, businesses that get involved in litigation in multiple states may need to revisit these issues in each piece of litigation.  (Even where all policies are purchased in the same state, choice-of-law principles may not permit the law of that state to govern all coverage issues).  A very nicely done article!