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New York investigates insurance companies’ cyber security

I was very interested to read this morning that Governor Cuomo of New York will investigate insurance companies’ cyber security.  According to the article the focus of the investigation will be what safeguards insurers have in place to protect customers’ sensitive personal and financial information.  Hopefully this inquiry will take into account commercial-lines policyholders’ data as … Continue Reading

Washington and Now Idaho Limit Attorney-Client Privilege in Bad Faith Cases

My former colleagues at Bullivant Houser Bailey have done a nice job of summarizing two recent decisions, one from Washington and one from Idaho, limiting the application of the attorney-client privilege where outside coverage counsel participates in a fact investigation for coverage purposes.  Both decisions (Idaho’s Stewart Title v. Credit Suisse in federal court, Washington’s Cedell … Continue Reading

Oregon Senate Committee Makes “Do Pass” Recommendation for Insurance UTPA Bill

Reports of the demise of HB 3160, which would remove the exemption of insurance from claims under Oregon’s Unfair Trade Practices Act (UTPA), may have been wrong.  The Oregon Senate Consumer and Small Business Committee has made a “do pass” recommendation on the bill.  However, the measure has been referred to the Rules committee.  As … Continue Reading