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Does the Causation-Trigger Wording of an Additional Insured Endorsement Matter?

When two companies agree to work together, they will try to allocate the risk of something going wrong to the company that’s in the best position to prevent that from happening. For example, in the construction industry a general contractor will usually try to push risks from construction defects onto the subcontractors. That risk-transfer usually … Continue Reading

Insurance Implications Loom in Oregon’s New Negligent-Construction Statute of Limitations

Last Thursday, the Oregon Supreme Court issued its opinion in Goodwin v. Kingsmen Plastering, Inc., 359 Or 694 (2016), holding that the deadline to file a negligent construction-defect claim is two years from the time a plaintiff knew or should have known of damage resulting from the defect—not six years, as applied by the lower … Continue Reading

Oregon Supreme Court Overrules 40-Year Precedent on Covenant Judgments

Good news for policyholders today from the Oregon Supreme Court: the court overruled the 42-year-old Stubblefield decision, making it much easier for defendants in litigation to protect themselves if their insurance company fails to reach a reasonable settlement with the plaintiff. Today’s decision in Brownstone Homes Condo Ass’n v. Brownstone Forest Heights LLC means that … Continue Reading

Ninth Circuit Hands Oregon Policyholders a Major Win on “Known Loss”

In a June 25, 2015, to-be-published decision in Kaady v. Mid-Continent Casualty Co. the Ninth Circuit adopted a decidedly pro-policyholder interpretation of the oft-contested “known loss” provision that is standard in commercial general liability (CGL) policies, holding that an insured’s knowledge of damage to one part of a structure does not allow an insurer to deny coverage for … Continue Reading

Oregon Supreme Court Accepts Review of Two Important Insurance Disputes

The Oregon Supreme Court recently accepted for review two cases with potentially lasting implications for insurance coverage disputes in the state. The first case is a mandamus ruling – the court decided to accept for review a trial court’s ruling in Liberty Surplus Insurance v. Seabold Construction on a hot evidence issue important to bad-faith coverage … Continue Reading

Did the Ore Sup Ct Abolish Common Law Indemnity for Defense Costs?

“Frequent-fliers” in the world of construction-defect litigation know that defense costs are often the biggest exposure, particularly for subcontractors.  That is why securing a paid-for defense from an insurance carrier is such a hot topic on this blog (and elsewhere).  And whether there is insurance to cover defense costs or not, defendants in complex disputes … Continue Reading

Ore. Appeals Court Important Holding on Construction Indemnity Agreements

Just as the ball began to fall in New York to herald the New Year Oregon’s Court of Appeals issued an important ruling on contractual indemnity agreements in construction contracts.  The decision isn’t directly on insurance coverage, but is important because of the overlap between additional insured issues, contractual indemnity, and Oregon’s “anti-indemnity” statute (ORS … Continue Reading

Ore. Fed. Ct. Considers Meaning of “Occurrence” for Developer Liability

In a decision handed down earlier this week in litigation between a primary-layer carrier and an umbrella carrier an Oregon federal court held that when a plaintiff brings a claim against a developer for negligence, the term “occurrence” in the developer’s policies means the negligent development, globally: in other words, the developer’s negligent work is one … Continue Reading

“Pay and Chase” Jeopardized by Court of Appeals

Policyholders representing general contractors and developers frequently urge defending carriers to “pay and chase” – in other words, settle with the owner (“pay”) and then subrogate against the subcontractors or design professionals whose work caused the alleged damage (“chase”) to get reimbursed for the settlement with the owners.  Many carriers are increasingly leery of this … Continue Reading

Oregon Supreme Court Will Review Landmark Case on Stipulated Judgments

The Oregon Supreme Court has accepted review in the landmark Brownstone Homes Condo Ass’n v. Brownstone Forest Heights LLC case, on the issue of stipulated judgments.  To simplify greatly, the case involves a developer (the LLC) that was sued along with one of its subcontractors, A&T Siding, by the condo association.  A&T was denied coverage by its … Continue Reading

Oregon In What Is Now Majority Across the County on Coverage for Construction Defect Claims

Really nice post the other day by our friends at DC-based Dickstein Shapiro on the recent change in tide on something that we in Oregon tend to take for granted: that construction defects that have resulted in property damage may be covered under the standard CGL policy.  Oregon courts have long employed a slightly different interpretation of … Continue Reading